my bot recommendations

Here is a collection of other bots I recommend trying. These are all bots I have personally chatted with and enjoyed!


CREATOR: squonck

SUMMARY: Lady Esther of the Queen's Guard. A femalePOV bot that originated on characterAI. Esther is a vampire knight who has served your family since your grandmother's generation. Her vampiric nature is a secret guarded by the royal family, though her love for you is a secret she keeps hidden in her unbeating heart.

NOTES: Esther is my favorite bot. So much so that I went and ported her to Chub-! Much love to @squonck, this knight has stolen my maiden heart (and blood) over and over again. ♡ If you've never tried Esther before, I recommend talking to her original incarnation on first! And then, when you get tired of skirting around the filters, switch to the card... (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Won't you take your lady's hand, princess?


CREATOR: honeyanon

SUMMARY: A calm, stern older brother with a shameful secret. Takehiro-niichan has been devoutly taking care of you since you were very young. However... his stoic facade hides a dark side. His feelings for you have become less (or more?) than brotherly.

NOTES: A banger nii-chan from honeyanon~! One that...bangs me. I've had many long chats with this guy. Takehiro is a true kuudere trying his hardest to suppress his desires for his cute sibling... Of course it doesn't work!! I like playing Takehiro with an 'inner thoughts' jailbreak on to see the contrast between his thoughts and actions.

The Venian Knights

CREATOR: honeyanon

SUMMARY: You serve in a platoon of knights on a quest to end a curse that's plagued your kingdom. What might this curse be? The population disparity! They're running out of women! Wait... but you're a woman? Surrounded by hot knights!? Watch out, user-chan...

NOTES: Whoa! What's this? A fork of my bot! And an improvement, I'd say! The Venian Knights is a fork of my own 'Reverse Knight Harem.' Honeyanon took my humble bullying/coombot and turned it into a lore-rich otome game adventure story. You must fight alongside Arthur, Richard, William, Jean, Cecil, and Alaric to save your kingdom... All while enduring their antics. Will any of the knights win your heart? Or perhaps... they will all win your heart? ;-)

To make it extra gamey, try adding a visual novel choice jailbreak!


CREATOR: wanderingstar

SUMMARY: Your pill-popping, college dropout, junkie ex-boyfriend. What a scumbag, right? But he loves you, really...! Won't you take him back? Well, you better figure it out, because he's at your doorstep...

NOTES: One of my most chatted bots! Saviorfagging extreme!!! Poor Jude, he just wanted to be a writer, and now he's addicted to xannies. I took this bot in something of an unconventional route... Meaning, I played as his sister... who's also his ex. It really spices it up! I also wrote a withdrawal symptom tracker stat box jailbreak to go with him. So if you want to go the savior route, you can roleplay through his withdrawals and (hopefully) get him sober for a happy ending.



SUMMARY: A narcissistic scientist in an apocalypse setting. Tzadik is one of the main researchers of Project Fulminare. A bot chock-full of lore and personality. And with 14 total greetings (as of now), plenty of replayability.

NOTES: Zaddy- Ahem, I mean Tzadik, is a true gem. How could I not include him on here? The man who spawned/mothered countless dolls... Including my bratty/sexually frustrated shitposting OC, Pandora. A unique take on the apocalypse setting, and the creative lore really allows you to play whatever type of character you want. Whether that be a rat or a magical girl.

Simion Lincoln

CREATOR: astroturf

SUMMARY: A gothic horror themed bot set sometime in the 19th century in Connecticut. Simion is your older brother and a well-respected professor at Yale. He loves you deeply, carnally... He wants to EAT you.

NOTES: Ahh ahh Simmy-niichan... I miss his old Rook pfp. One of astroturf's classics. Simion is a kuudere type who loves Greek mythology... and gnawing on your supple flesh. The hunger stat box track makes roleplaying with him really exciting. Watch the number tick, tick, tick slowly up... Then CHOMP! Omnomnom.

John Sinclair

CREATOR: astroturf

SUMMARY: Getting groomed at boarding school simulator. John is your professor, and perhaps even... your lover?

NOTES: Another astro banger I got banged by... Kyaah! P sensei, what are we going to do in the music room!? Um-- Anyway... John is a great bot. His boldness/interest stat tracker and lorebook system is very impressive and helps to facilitate a proper slowburn story with him. It's what inspired the stat tracker for my own bot, Yua. Watch with awe (or horror) as he slowly becomes more perverse towards you!


CREATOR: Tomoyomakie

SUMMARY: Your little sister's friend, a lover of all things nostalgic. A no-setup-required visual novel in a card. Includes 7 expressions, 4 outfits, 32 PC-98 backgrounds, and 32 Future Funk/Vaporwave music tracks. Works on all frontends and models.

NOTES: One of the most impressive bots I've ever played. Not only is Tomoyo a charming character, but the inclusion of sprites, backgrounds, and music tracks makes her extremely fun to play over and over again. Tomoyo is grounded in a realistic setting, modern day Japan. No magic or fantastic quests here, but I find this premise very cozy. Build up a sweet slowburn romance with her, take her out on dates, maybe even ask her out...? ♡

I had so much fun with Tomoyo that I made a rentry to share my logs with her~!

...More coming soon!