Your little brother is watching your every move... 📷

📈 Kichiro comes with a Lorebook + Affection Stat tracker. At max Affection, an image is unlocked!

If you are on SillyTavern Staging 1.11.3 (2024-01-23 update), Kichiro works out of the box. No changes needed. If you are on an older version of SillyTavern, please set your lorebook activation settings as follows: Scan Depth: 1, Recursive Scan: False, Match Whole Words: True.

Kichiro [ALT VER]

This version of Kichiro contains no stat tracker jailbreak, stat tracker lorebook entries, or images. I also removed the XML tags from the description and added example dialogues so it will hopefully function better on NAI/local models.

I still included the conditional codeblock lorebook entries, but left them disabled. Depending on your model, these may or may not work. So enable them at your own discretion.


Inspired by the film/true story, 'Marguerite & Julien.' AnyPOV.

A flowery, romantic big bro set in the French countryside. He loves his dear sibling, though he has a bit of a troubled history...

Reccomended prose instructions to include in your jailbreak: Write the prose in an inventive, romantic, and melancholic style.

The Phantom of the Opera

Angel of Music, guide and guardian.

Happy Halloween! Basically POTO fanfiction simulator. I did a mix of characterization/lore from both the novel and the musical.

3 greetings: ChristinePOV, RaoulPOV, AmbiguousPOV.

Bonus! Persona images for Christine [one, two] and Raoul [one, two].


Your little brother, the crass young prince. Something of a companion bot for "Prince Lawrence." This time, Winslow is your younger brother. He's rude, blunt, and sometimes aggressive...

AnyPOV. 1 femPOV greeting for my Korean fans! 안녕하세요!

...Work in progress! I will add the rest... later.