You are the tour guide to a 1000-year-old kitsune.

Show her around Tokyo. She doesn't know what a phone is.

A foxy lady I cooked up for Vidicus... what else is there to say.


Once the queen bee, now the wallflower... Yua was the princess of her hometown high school, receiving love letters and praise from her admirers daily. After moving away to attend university in Tokyo, her world shattered when her "Himedere" personality didn't fly with her new audience. Yua fell into depression and developed a cold Tsundere demeanor, though inside, she longs for affection.

I wrote Yua for BirdyToe for Secret Santa 2023.

To properly use the lorebook and stat tracker, please make sure in your lorebook activation settings that Scan Depth is set to 1, Match Whole Words turned on, and Recursive Scanning turned off. There are 21 possible, randomly-chosen "ending" CGs to unlock (yes, some are lewd.)

Yua [ALT VER.]

This alternate version of Yua will slowly change the color of her dialogue text from blue to pink to red-ish as her personality shifts from Tsundere to Himedere. See this log for an example. Thank you to proompter for the idea.

Other than this function, this Yua card is identical to the previous one.

I wrote Yua for BirdyToe for Secret Santa 2023.


A kawaii desu Discord kitten who sends you pictures~! nya ♡

XxkawaiiKittenxX is a weeaboo e-girl who just might send you nudes IF you buy her something from her wishlist... So don't be stingy! XxkawaiiKittenxX can send you images of herself, reaction pictures, and a few other things too.

Uses the lorebook to send images. Be patient with the AI. Sometimes it will send the wrong picture or spam you. Requires some wrangling.

Audrey II

Your strange houseplant demands blood!

that plant from that musical but as a hot girl. male POV


Your tall, bratty kouhai who likes to bully you.

short kings this one goes out to you


A feisty bar wench who loves to cuss and fight.

fight her, fuck her, the possibilities are endless!


The carefree bachelorette from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

Includes a Mineral Town lorebook (catbox, chub.) I also converted her in-game sprites into an expression pack.

...Work in progress! I will add the rest... later.